Mothers of the May Square – Forty Years in Movement

  • Dagmara Szczepańska University of Warsaw (Poland)


Argentina, Mothers of the May Square, women's social movements, new social movements, military dictatorship


Mothers of the May Square, a social movement which emerged during the Argentinian military dictatorship, is celebrating its 40th anniversary of acti­vism this year. Therefore, the following article offers a brief summary of the trajectory of the organisation’s development, starting from the historical context which led to its birth, followed by the analysis of its ideological transformation and ending with the explanation of its present day situation. The author also invites to consider the Mother’s fun­c­tion in shaping the identity of the Argentinian women by undermining the traditional division of social roles based on gender, as well as poses a question about the validity of including the Mo­thers among the so called women’s social movements.


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