Our common work. Julio Cortázar's letters to the translators

  • Adam Elbanowski Facultad de Lingüística Aplicada, Universidad de Varsovia


Julio Cortázar’s oeuvre, translations of Cortázar’s works, correspondence of Cortázar


The letters written by Julio Cortazar to the translators of his work are the subject of the present article. The five-volume edition of the correspondence of the Argentine writer (Alfaguara 2000-2012), covering the years 1937-1984 is the reference point. The article focuses on two translators into English – Gregory Rabassa and Paul Blackburn. Cortázar sent to them almost one hundred letters to these translators, in which we find remarks, corrections and comments on the English editions of his novels and short stories, and at the same time author’s interpretations of his most outstanding works.


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